Friday, February 05, 2010

israel: a note as we prepare to depart

a amall opening in the old jeruslaem wall just above the zion gate. 

my friends, as i write these words, it is 6:30 on friday evening here in the holy land.  we have finished a rainy day of touring here, and i look forward to sharing it with you, but our flight leaves tel aviv in the morning at 7:30.  which means that we will be leaving the hotel sometime around 3am.  and we still have dinner and two meetings to go yet tonight!  so i won't be updating day 6 of our trip until after i am back in the states, and likely not until i've had several hours of sleep in my bed (this all hinges on whether or not new jersey gets dumped on with snow the way the forecast suggests it might).  so, in any case, i hope you've enjoyed my updates, and i will, of course be sharing more in way of pictures and insights as the Spirit leads.  until then, peace to you. 


Anonymous said...

safe travels my friends! Thank you for this beautiful visit to the Holy Land. I so enjoyed the trip!

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Hey my brother....thanks to you and Shannon for sharing in this trip and showing such hospitality to Ginny and especially Kyle.


cathyq said...

Glad you are back safe in the states. Rest up. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip. The pictures are amazing.