Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the swirling mind visits the mechanic with the crazy hair

remember my old random, stream of conciousness posts?  well, here's one for those who enjoyed those.  welcome, for a moment, inside the swirling mind of greg.

*anybody ever get into the show friday night lights?  shannon and i have been working our way through season one on dvd, when we have a chance, and we just finished it and now have started season 2.  i love it.  i still can't tell if its a guilty pleasure, or if its really a great show.  either way, i'm enjoying it. 

*i'm at the car dealership right now.  just saw a mechanic come into view (it always intrigues me how secret the garage is at these places.  you can't see a thing in there.  its like the wizard of oz is back there changing oil and fixing transmissions) and he has the most unusual hair.  it seems like he has a receding hairline, where the hair begins to thin on the front part of the head, but further investigation reveals that he actually has two sections of hair on the top of his head.  it's like a biology textbook illustration of the asexual reproduction of certain organisms.  suddenly one cell turns into two.  that's what's happening on this guy's head. 

*actually, now that i think about it, i am surrounded by balding.  two of the guys in here waiting have major male pattern baldness, and the guy at the counter is a mr. clean wannabe.  makes me thankful for my hair, even if it is as nice and soft as a brand new brillo pad (if you are balding, this is not meant to insult.  bald is beautiful, baby).

*here's how much i pay attention to the news:  i keep hearing that something is going on with jay leno, but i have no idea what.  i keep hearing/seeing his name, but losing interest after getting to the "o" in leno, so i still don't know what's up.  i can just barely hear one of the news shows right now over keane singing on my ipod, and they are discussing this leno news.  what is going on?  is he sick?  is he making some big announcement?  did he have an affair with tiger woods?  what?  in the end, i could find out if i wanted to, but i really don't care.  and i'm sort of proud of that.  is that weird?

*i can see my car in the lot now, which means that they're done with it, and will soon call me over to tell me all the things they saw that need repaired.  i hate this part.

*so, i guess i should get going.  i hope you all have a great tuesday.  listen to some sweet music today.  and then dance to it.  seriously.  try it.  then tell me how it went.  i'll do the same.  we'll compare results tomorrow. 


DogBlogger said...

I would like to see an illustration of that hair.

Mary said...

surprisingly...the jay leno show is on as i read this post. nbc is cancelling it in february.

greg. said...

turn to "asexual reproduction" in any bio textbook, and you'll get the idea.

mary, unsurprisingly, i didn't know there was anything on nbc except the office.

Megan said...

so glad to hear you've finished FNL season 1 -I think I gave it to Shannon three years ago! Not a guilty pleasure, just really good TV - better than most of the stuff on right now!

as for leno, yeah his show has been cancelled (never watched) but they are bumping Conan and letting Jay back in the Tonight Show spot.

Crafty P said...

how did I miss my favorite kind of posting? oh yeah, sickness.

glee is my guilty pleasure.
i wish I had time for FNL... really, I do.

if you need a new car, I know someone. just saying.

i was enjoying some music on pandora the other day on my iphone- love that. it was the cast of glee. what's happening to me?

also, I need to learn how to download music and set up playlists since i now own an iphone!

Emoly said...

I've been m.i.a. in the blog world lately. I'm catching up on your posts and came across this one. I was getting my oil changed on Monday, so for a moment I was "in your shoes" as it were. Jay Leno did have an affair with Tiger Woods. Who knew! And bald is beautiful (although my bald husband does not like to hear about my hair complaints, oh the gray that is showing up. He reminds me that at least I have hair that can go gray). My morning getting my oil changed was more quiet than yours. I crocheted. I just wanted to share, again since I've been m.i.a. ;)