Wednesday, January 13, 2010

louder than a giant screams

as i'm leaving to go to a meeting the other night, jackson said to me, "daddy, i love you louder than a giant screams and taller than the tallest building in new york city.  always remember that, ok?  cause i will always love you.  even if you go to heaven before me, still remember how much i love you because i will still love you, ok?" 

okay, buddy.  i won't forget.  i might not be able to believe it in about ten years when you're not saying such cuteness.  but i'll try not to forget.  as for heaven?  well, when you say stuff like that to me, i'm pretty much there already.  and i want to stand on the empire state building and with my best goliath scream let the whole world know how much i love you, too. 


Crafty P said...


julie said...

ummm... i am sobbing. still.

cathyq said...

Thanks for the good cry on a Wednesday. Wow. That kind of love is so humbling. It reminds me of that book "I'll Love You Forever"