Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lord, have mercy

Lord have mercy.

that's the prayer that just keeps coming out of my mouth these last couple of days.  when i watch the news; when i look at pictures like this, and even when i hear people spewing garbage like this, i just am overwhelmed, and can only pray, Lord, have mercy. 

on the people looking for loved ones.  on the ones who saw their children in a heap of dead bodies.  on the ones who have lost what little they had.  on the ones unable to fall asleep in the street for fear of someone hurting them.  on those with no water to wash the taste of dust and death out of their mouths.  on those with broken bones, unable to move from the places where the broken earth left them.  on those working long hours, trying to provide medical care or hope or strength or water, who have had very little sleep themselves.  on those waiting for medical care, waiting on hotel floors or worse.  on those officals and leaders charged with solving very public problems.  on those whose apathy blinds them to the desparate cry of their sisters and brothers in need.  even on those whose misguided religion allows them to assign blame so callously without recognizing their own brokenness.  on all of these and more: Lord, have mercy. 

for a great response to those who have already said that this is the fault of the people of Haiti, check out don miller's words here

pray for all of those who are suffering.  and see if you can find a way to be a part of the answer to your prayer. 

Lord, have mercy.

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Greg C. said...

Thanks for your post, greg, and the link to Don Miller's Robertson response. I had my tomato ready to go! It's neatly back in the fridge.