Tuesday, January 19, 2010


wow.  it was 2pm yesterday.  naptime.  and since i had the day off, i just sat down on the couch and flipped through the channels to see what was on.  something on A&E caught my attention, so i watched it for a bit.  it turned out to be a show called 'hoarders,' and i couldn't stop watching it.  it deals with people who are attached to their possessions and can't let go of them.  there seem to be a variety of triggers for this illness, but the results are often similarly tragic: divorce, loss of children, sickness and disease or even death.  shannon and i watched three episodes yesterday.  anyone else ever seen it?  thoughts? 

i had a great nfl weekend (as great as it can be without the steelers playing).  everything that i wanted to happen happened, which means (1) the ravens are out, (2) the cowboys are out, and (3) phillip rivers is out.  i didn't really care about the other nfc game.  at this point, i don't really care who wins, but i'm pulling for a saints/colts superbowl, with the saints winning.  that would make me happy for the big easy. 

we had a great mlk day.  we built a 550 piece puzzle.  played with play-doh.  i even talked to the kids a bit about martin luther king jr. and what he was about.  i don't think it sunk in, though, as jackson thought i was talking about king julian day (its from penguins of madagascar).  still, we had an awesomely relaxing day.

later, jack was doing flips and stuff in the room and said, "look at me, i'm doing fantastics!"  maybe that will be a new olympic event: fantastics. sounds like fun.

back to "hoarders" for a second.  after watching this show, i seriously want to give everything away.  and stop buying stuff.  THE WORLD HAS SO MUCH STUFF!!  okay thanks.  that is all. 

hope you all have a great tuesday.  be well.  take care of each other.


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Rachel said...

I have and will watch that show...it's like a train wreck that I desperately don't want to look at, but can't tear my eyes away from! I try to avoid it. I feel like it's a reality show for reality show's sake. Not only can a hoarder not be "cured" in 3 days, it may actually be dangerous to them. I know, I know, they encourage the participants to get extended therapy and the cleaners stop when the home owner freaks out, but still. My dad was a hoarder and I sometimes fear that I will be, too. (don't worry, I'm not)It took a lifetime of hurt for these people to get where they are...a few days can't undo that damage. Yet, we watch them suffer all the same...