Thursday, January 28, 2010


its been quite the week, between getting ready to leave the country for israel, taking care of jack (who has the croup), missing a bunch of sleep, and trying to do the normal stuff of the week, i've kind of gotten lost in the shuffle.  when i stumbled out of bed this morning and walked, trance-like, down the hall towards the vicinity of the coffeepot, i was stopped in my tracks by the sun shining through the front window, illuminating an appropriate symbol of my life:

that's caedmon's hand.  its there from the times that he and jack climb onto the couch (in various stages of undress) and wave goodbye to me when i am leaving for work.  its an oily mess, from one perspective.  but with the sun shining through it, lighting up my groggy morning, it looked like something altogether different.  it looked more like a reminder of what's really important: my family, through which  i am beyond blessed. 

what's your symbol?  do you have a marker of the mundane?  some icon that identifies what is really important for you?  we all need some reminder from time to time to put aside the distractions (even the ones that seem so important at the time), and embrace what is truly rich about life.  if you don't have one, i encourage you to find one.  it doesn't have to be anything profound, in fact, the simpler the better, really.  just something that calls you out of your busyness and preoccupation and into the stuff that really matters.  for me, its a dirty handprint.  now if i could just make sure no one washes that window...


Emoly said...

right now it would be a little sliver of sunshine combined with a tad bit of blue sky. Michigan winters are very gray. I love looking out and seeing the snow swirl around like I am in my own snow globe. But I cherish those rare moments of hint, the glimpse of blue sky.

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Right now it is the beautiful red cardinal who sits on the lilac bush right outside our kitchen window. I feel such a peace and joy just watching him flit about and look so unbelievable gorgeous just the way that God created him. God is good everyday.