Friday, December 18, 2009

sleepy santa

yesterday we made an excursion to the mall to visit kris kringle.  when we arrived there was no one in line (we went in the morning), and the jolly old man in the big red suit was dozing off in his oversized green chair, snowy chin pressed down to on his brass buttons, mind filled with dreams, presumably of sugar plums.  i tried to snap a picture of him, but then imagined my name appearing on the naughty list and thought better of it at the last minute. 

anyway, the kids were pretty great about sitting on a large sleepy stranger's lap. as you can see, caedmon was less than thrilled about it, but he did indeed tell santa what he wants (a big tent).  we couldn't get him to take off his coat or let go of the batman wallet.  he needed whatever securities he could cling to.  jackson did much better than i though, and calmly explained to santa that he had been a good boy this year and that he would like a remote control tarantula.  all in all it was a fun experience.

and later when we were walking back through the mall, we saw that he was sleeping again.  poor santa.  this must be an exhausting time, what with all the traveling and planning and toy making.  plus, he's not getting any younger, eh?  i figure let the guy catch some z's when he can.  sleep well, santa.  get your rest, you jolly old man, you're going to need it...

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cathyq said...

Wow. I can't believe Jack sat and talked to Santa! Awesome. And Caedmon? Interesting. Just the opposite of their reactions here in PA the day after Thanksgiving! Loved the letters too. I miss having little ones this time of year. It makes it so much more fun! I know, crazy too, but oh so much fun. I think I'll write a letter to Jesus too. What a great idea!