Monday, December 07, 2009

shameless self promotion

"by words alone"
mixed media collage
gregory a. milinovich

here is one of my most recent collages, a sort of visual representation of my love affair with words.  i have always loved words, the way the sound and the way they interact with one another to form (sometimes) coherent ideas.  i love the structure of words and language, and the incredible freedom within that structure.  and yet, in the end, words are never quite enough.  and that tension is where this collage was birthed. 

anyway, i don't want to be pushy, but i just thought i'd remind you that i sell my collages over at  all you need to do is scroll down my blog here until you see some of my collages in the box on the left hand side near the bottom of the page.  click where it says "agentorangerecords" and that will take you directly to my shop.  you can look around and see what i've got there, and then if you're interested in buying someone a christmas present or something, you can pay via paypal or by check.  if you'd like one, but can't afford it, let me know and we'll likely make a deal:  i just want them to find happy homes!  if you're reading this on facebook and aren't sure where to look, just go to . 

for those of you who have bought collages from me in the past: thanks!  it is an awesome joy for me to even do this at all, and when people affirm it by wanting to display it in their homes, it really is humbling. 



Glenn said...

Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. And "shameless" is even better. You are not only an artist, but an Artiste. Uh, pardon my French.
Great seeing you last week. I look forward to the Israel trip. Wow, is it next month already?

greg. said...

hey glenn. good to see you, too, even if from across the room. yeah, my wife and i are very much looking forward to the trip. its going to be great. have a blessed advent.