Saturday, December 12, 2009

our christmas tree

last weekend we went out on an adventure to try and find a Christmas tree.  we headed out to a small farm where we've bought trees before, but after a long walk through the muddy field, we couldn't find anything we liked, and we ended up looking like this:

so after a short drive we found another tree farm, where the boys were feeling cold and hungry but looking exceptionally cute:

this place had several trees we loved, so we cut one down and got it home, just in time for the snow to start falling.  after a couple of days (these things take longer with children) it looks like this:

hope your preparations for Christmas are going beautifully.

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Joel B said...

i love the hunt for the perfect christmas tree! when i look at your tree all decorated the first thing that comes to my mind is wow that start looks just like the Dallas Cowboys Star. just thought that i would let you know.