Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas to you

from the milinovichs to you, wherever you are, through this digital space,
have a very happy christmas,
full of deep belly laughs and
full bellies. 
most of all,
treasure it all and ponder it in your heart:
that the God of all creation
put skin on
to show us a deep, unthinkable love,
and to tell us that
we are not alone -
we are never alone.
God is with us!
Immanuel is here!


monica said...

merry christmas to you all! when you had that line about God with skin on, i could hear Hules voice.

greg. said...


hope you had/are having a great christmas. and you're so right about the "skin on" line. i owe it to hule. i've never forgotten it.