Monday, December 21, 2009

holding onto hope

i haven't blogged about the steelers much this last month because, well, i really didn't want you to have to wallow in misery with me (in this particular case, misery does not love company, i prefer my misery with a side of solitude).  after 5 straight losses, most against sub-par teams, i had written the steelers' season off as a bad bad hangover year after winning the superbowl, but yesterday, for at least one more game, the steelers kept the embers of hope alive.  using every bit of energy and will, along with every possible second, the steelers found it in themselves to hold on for at least one more week. 

just as hines ward was able to catch this ball and hold on before it slipped through his hands, the steelers managed an unlikely win, holding on to playoff hopes for one more week.

after the game tomlin used phrases like "not dead yet," and "on lifesupport" to paint a pretty accurate picture of the steelers' playoff hopes.  nonetheless, for one day at least, the steelers gave this old disasppointed fan a reason to celebrate.  the game was up and down, a classic rollercoaster game with lead changes and a varying amounts of celebrating and throwing random objects around my family room.  but in the end, this...

wih :00 left on the game clock, rookie receiver mike wallace makes an amazing catch to tie the game, allowing the steelers to win the game with the extra point. 

i'm proud of the steelers.  even though they were still outplayed in some aspects of the game (can you say secondary?...geesh), they played with a ton of heart yesterday and didn't give up.  i admire that.  no matter what happens the next two games, this season will have a slightly better flavor to it for me because of this game. 


Mary said...

all the boys in my class were talking about the big catch that won the game :o) every one is excited!

greg. said...

finally, right? after 5 weeks of disappointment, a dramatic win was just what the doctor ordered! even if they continue to fail the rest of the season, i am so happy about this game!

Anonymous said...

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