Monday, November 02, 2009

weekend without pictures

so, i'm tired this morning.  it is the classic monday morning here at the milinovich house.  it feels less like just another day on the calendar and more like an alex rodriguez swing to the face.  so, if you're going to read this, please have very low expectations. 

had a very good, yet busy weekend.  unfortunately, however, i didn't get much in the way of pictures to demonstrate it.  my parents were here from pittsburgh for a short visit, and so we spent a good bit of time just hanging out with meemaw and pappy.  friday jackson had a little mini-parade and halloween production at school, so we all went to see that.  then i had a wedding rehearsal that evening, before we all went to cracker barrel for dinner (mmm...chicken fried chicken).   saturday included the wedding (the bride nearly passed out - at a halloween wedding!), and trick-or-treating.  luckily the rain mostly held off and the boys seemed to have a great time in their dragon (jack) and doggy (cade) costumes.  then we came home and did the obligatory candy sorting.  and i stayed up until nearly 1 am watching the yankees win game 3 of the world series.  i slept for a few hours and then was up at 5 for a full sunday morning of preaching about moving from fear to generosity.  yesterday we set up cade's big boy bed for the first time and disassembled his crib.  he slept like a little angel in it last night.  i, on the other hand, stayed up and watched the yankees win again.  which was awesome.  but i wish these games started at 7 and not 8.  mornings come too early!

and so, there you have it.  my weekend in a paragraph.  not very creative or interesting, i know.  sorry about that.  i feel low on  creative energy this morning.  i think i invested it all in the dream i had last night about the family of cats that had somehow invaded our house. 


Mary said...

Cade in a big boy bed! wowza! How exciting :o)

Emoly said...

do you have any pictures of Jack and Cade in their costumes?