Monday, November 23, 2009

thankful for the man-to-man defense

well, monday morning has arrived, and so has my lovely wife from her weekend in atlanta.  beyond the happy reunion of seeing someone you miss, this is significant for another reason as well:  both of my children and (perhaps more significantly) myself survived the weekend.  and by that i mean that we were all alive right now.  maybe a little worse for the wear.  but still living.  i call it success.  it was close as we almost had at least one case of general tso's overload, but we survived that one.  i even got them dressed and to church early yesterday, which was quite the accomplishment!  i thought they looked pretty cute, too!  evidence:

but seriously, this weekend i gave great thanks for shannon and for the man-to-man defense that we normally employ in parenting.  this zone defense was exhausting.  i have all the respect in the world for single parents.  i'm not sure i could do it fulltime.  have a great monday.

ps.  yes, i am ignoring the steelers game yesterday.  don't have the tools to deal with it emotionally right now.  : |


Mary said...

I LOVE those pictures!!! The jackets with the jeans! They are total studs. I can't wait to squeeze them in 2 days!!!!!!!!!

cathyq said...

Good job Dad! You not only survived, but you made the boys look pretty slick to boot. Glad you missed shannon though. She is awesome! Those ARE two of the cutest boys in the world (no prejudice here at all).

NJ Grandma said...

What two good looking little men - hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and look forward to the holiday season (which by the way is a little crazy when X-mas decorations are up before Halloween has even arrived!!!) Anyway, say Hi to Shannon for us.