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one song

as you know, i <3 my ipod.  since i had to have it replaced (hard drive crashed), i've been putting music on it again.  i'm up to about 2,500 songs right now.  which got me thinking about what everyone's most precious songs would be.  so i'm asking you to help me out here:  what ONE SONG should i make sure gets on my ipod?  it doesn't have to be your favorite all time song - it could just be something you're really into right now.  but you can only tell me one song.  c'mon people.  what's it going to be?  what's your one song right now?


RedBank Billy said…
The Power of Your Name....Lincoln Brewster....
Emoly said…
I'm having a difficult time trying to decide between, "Ice Ice Baby" or "Bust a Move".

Word to your mother.
Drew Sorensen said…
my best friend by weezer
Eric said…

Great question, I´ve been thinking about it all day. Definitely hard to decide on just one. Anyway, from the coffee shop here in Honduras here are our picks:

Dulce: ¨Tengo Razones para Vivir¨ by Jesus Adrian Romero
Eric: ¨Everything¨ by Lifehouse

(I know, I still just totally love Lifehouse. If I had to choose an album, it would be ¨No Name Face,¨ I listened to that CD so many times in my car it was silly, I mean, really a lot of times)
Mary said…
1,2,3,4 Plain White Tees
Mary said…
Church by TPain. (get the edited version)also keep in mind im not sure exactly what all the words are. i just love to dance around to it!
Mary said…
Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet
Mary said…
Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. i know...i don't really like most of her songs...but this song is bomb.
Mary said…
The volume one Glee soundtrack. Im waiting for my Itunes money to work (its not right now) and I will be listening to that soundtrack nonstop. favorite show. hands down.
cathyq said…
I thought you wanted one from each person; Mary just gave you 5! That's not fair! "IT's in every one of us" by Dennis DeYoung and another one "I don't have a God that I can hold in my hand but I've got a God that's holding me" but I can't think of the name of it right now. It's on KLove every day and I sing along every time.
Greg C said…
I'm going with something I'm really into right now. Recently picked up Jorma Kaukonen's new album River of Time and there's an instrumental he wrote for his daughter called Izze's Lullaby. It's one of those songs you can (or I can!) just listen to over and over and over....
Mary said…
i only gave one song per entry though!
Nysewanders said…
Sup gotta cow moo backwards say OOOOOMMM! Seriously though, "my stupid mouth" by John Mayer
greg. said…
thank you all for your suggestions! wow! all of the sudden you all came out of the woodwork for this one. good to hear from so many of you. oh, and mary, really? only 5 suggestions? and one of them is a whole album? nice.

anywho, maybe i'll make a mix cd of your ideas (and the ones i got on facebook) and you can have a copy if you want one. let me know.
Mary said…
Supermassive Black Hole-Muse
Knights of Cydonia-Muse
Basically everything on Muse's live cd-H.A.A.R.P...amazing
Inches and Falling-The Format
Dog Problems-The Format
They Bring me To you-Joshua Radin
Untouched-The Veronicas
Mary said… more...this one makes me happy for some reason:

Daylight-Matt & Kim
Emoly said…
greg, I want a copy!

Mary, Glee is the best new show hands down for sure!!!!!

One more song, greg: Something Beautiful -Needtobreathe :)

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