Thursday, October 01, 2009

throwback thursday: cowboy

howdy, ya'll.  about ten years ago shannon and i were invited to a cowboy wedding, and so i tried to dress the part.  the bride entered the wedding riding a horse.  we had a blast, channeling our inner rednecks.  thought some of you might enjoy this picture. 

in other news, my ipod crashed last week, and i'm just now coming to terms with that.  i'm preparing to take it to the ipod store today to see what they can do with it.  i'm nervous.

also to be filed in the "things i'm just now coming to terms with" category is the fact that the steelers have lost two straight games.  i don't know what to make of that, especially with a very tough game coming up on sunday night.  nervous doesn't even come close to describing my state right now.

great quote i read on len sweet's facebook page yesterday:  Too many of us living out there as if Jesus were coming tomorrow when we should be living as if Jesus were here today. Because he is.

watched a movie last night: 21.  its about some MIT students who go to vegas and count cards.  i thought it was fun.  very hollywood.  but had a great little twisting surprise at the end which entertained me. 

shannon was watching the biggest loser the other night.  i'm not normally that into that show (the tear per minute ratio on that program is through the roof - people are crying the whole time.  easy with the waterworks, people.).  however, something really cool happened at the end of the show the other night.  if you dvr-ed the show, then stop reading this now (SPOILER), but i saw something that i just don't see much of in our culture today, particularly on reality television: self-sacrifice.  to keep it short: there were two teams of two that were "below the line" and could have been sent home.  one of the teams decided that the other team needed the support and discipline of continuing in the game more than they did, and so they sacrificed their time on the show, willingly sacrificing themselves and a chance to win a bunch of money, because they legitimately cared about one of the other players as a human being, not just as a competitor.  as much as i hate to admit it, i was very moved by the biggest loser.  we could certainly use some more of that kind of self-sacrifice.  one of the earliest hymns of the church identifies it as crucial, "consider others better than yourself" (phil. 2). 

have a great thursday.  i'll check you tomorrow. 



Megan said...

I rarely watch Biggest Loser but I caught the last half hour of that episode and got sucked in. It was pretty amazing, to see one team really just playing the game and playing for themselves and then later another other team ask to be sent home to allows others the chance to continue. Pretty amazing, and yes, tear jerking! I love that it transcended beyond yet a reality "game" show into real life!

Emoly said...

I'm a Biggest Loser fan, did you know that the one member of the red team (yeah, I'm so much a fan I don't remember their names...) Oh wait. It was Shawn. He's a youth pastor. Did you catch that part? I thought that made it even better.

Back to the cowboy wedding: did you drink wine out of plastic cups? Because I've heard that is the ultimate "redneck" epitome. ;)

Joel B said...

i am glad to hear that you finally watched 21.

Mary said...

i. love. biggest. loser.