Thursday, October 08, 2009

throwback thursday: choir

ah yes, here i am circa easter, 1992, singing in my church's youth choir.  we were called the revelation choir.  we were not only known for our singing classicly arranged Christian SATB pieces from the late 80's, but also for our progressive fashion sense.  look at those floral prints.  that's me right in the center of the back row, clearly in the middle of scratching out a pubescently pure-sounding "holy" or something like that.  i am one of the few revelation choir members actually looking at our conductor.  always the rule-follower.

in other news, the mlb playoffs started yesterday, which officially makes this the greatest part of the sports year for me.  baseball playoffs.  nfl season.  good stuff. 

in even better news, the yankees won their first game yesterday against the twins, which sets them up nicely for the rest of this series.  first team to 3 wins.  we'll see what happens, but i was proud of my boy derek jeter who played a great game, including a big 2-run home run.  let's go yankees!

for those wondering about max, they gave him steroids for the sculiosis, so he is now roughly the size of a WWII battle tank and he is inexplicably trying to hold a baseball bat.  also thinking about putting him in a giants jersey.  anyway, the roids are helping him alot.  he seems like nothing ever happened.  i hope that when this regiment of roids is over, he is still this good.  that would be great.  thanks for your thoughts.  it was hard seeing him in so much pain.

i don't know if most of you have already seen this website, but i feel obligated to share it with you, like it is my civil duty or something.  it is called people of walmart, and it is NOT for the easily offended.  the idea is that people who are shopping at walmart, when they might see someone dressed in an unusual way, or with an interesting haircut, take a picture and send it to this site.  they take the best of them, write some funny captions, and put them on the internets for the whole world to see just how classy we keep it here in america.  it is at once hilarious and nauseating.  go to it at your own risk. 

well, have a great thursday.  please think carefully about what you wear to the store, and don't stop singing. 


monica said...

oh my! who is that beautiful girl on the left with the tortoise shell glasses, laura ashley dress who looks like shes working real hard to stay on pitch? funny funny picture. hey, you know there is a youth group reunion planned for june 2010, right? we could reinact this scene on the steps of the UMC

Greg C. said...

Wow that site certainly is, um, rich. My first reaction was one of hilarity - some great captions, and the pix, oy. But then, you know, the thought - 'should I be thinking of this in a different light?' 'am I judging by laughing (so hard)?' And then, 'am I making a mountain out of a molehill?' Geez!

greg. said...

monica, nice to have a comment from another of the revelation choir members. good stuff. i know about the reunion, but i doubt it will be a possibility for us, unfortunately.

greg c., i know exactly what you mean. you laugh and laugh and somewhere inside you realize that these are real people that, in the end, just want to be loved so badly. so i find it at once terribly hilarious and depressing. still, it helps me realize that i, too, have done some pretty ridiculous things for attention/affection in my own life (just as monica above), so, in the end, i'm really just laughing at myself. at least that's how i rationalize it...

monica said...

what? me do something ridiculous? never! oh please dont post any more pictures!

greg. said...

sorry, monica. that was supposed to say "just ASK Monica above." sorry about that. i'm quite sure you never did anything ridiculous.