Friday, October 30, 2009

pumpkin extravaganza

my parents came into town last night, and we celebrated their arrival with a pumpkin extravaganza (my family is famous for extravaganzas.  i'll have to write about that another time).  we started with a fresh salad covered with freshly roasted pumpkin seeds, then moved to a main course of pumpkin pasta and pumpkin bread with pumpkin butter.  we finished with some homemade pumpkin pie with some pumpkin flavored coffee, and then brought in the actual pumpkins for some carving. 

hope everyone has a fun and safe (and possibly pumpkiny) halloween! 


Emoly said...

for your family, it is that time of year; extravaganza time! have fun!

Crafty P said...

sounds like a dinner right up my alley.

We made pumpkin pasta this week, too!

Happy said...

That's a lot of pumpkin! The salad and pumpkin pasta are making my mouth water!