Monday, October 19, 2009

my perfect (sports) storm

yeah, another monday, another sports post.  but this time, i really can't help myself.  i had the midas touch of sports this week.  every team that i wanted to win, won.  every team that i wanted to lose, lost.  i felt charmed or something.  it was truly my perfect storm. 

first of all, the first two games of the ALCS happened this weekend, and many people didn't even think they would get the games in, due to rain, but i wanted them to happen, so they happened (remember, this is my sports fantasy here).  the yankees won the first game with relative ease on friday night, and then played into the wee hours of sunday morning.  i stayed up and watched them battle back and forth with the angels until about 1:15 in the morning, when the yankees finally finished it, going up 2-0 in the series. 

by this time, i had already realized my luck.  the yanks won on friday.  pitt beat rutgers on friday night.  then on saturday both of my favorite college football teams won: penn state and florida.  heck, even our local high school team won on friday night.  then the yankees won again on saturday night, so i knew i was on a roll.  i was just hoping that it continued into sunday.

and it did.  oh, baby, did it ever!  the steelers beat the browns for like the 52nd time in a row.  but, what's more, the bengals and ravens lost!  plus all the other teams that i marginally don't like (can you say eagles?) also lost.  amazing.  too bad i didn't know this earlier, or i could have made a ton of money with this gift this weekend! 

in all seriousness, if you know me, you know i love sports (well, baseball and football, mostly, although i root for the penguins, too, and they also won this weekend) and so this was a really fun weekend for me.  so, smile for me, even if your team lost.  maybe your perfect storm is on the horizon.  have a good monday. 


cathyq said...

it was a great sports weekend~! my high school won too, and it was homecoming. I could get used to this for sure. Enjoy the feeling. Who knows if or when it could happen again.

p.s. the word identification is uspoo. so funny! said...

I totally know what you mean. Nothing is better than a Steelers win coupled with a Ravens loss. (ok, the only thing better is when it is the Steelers who beat the Ravens). And now that the Bengals are proving themselves to be much more than the Bungals, it was great to see them go down as well. To top it off, my Fantasy team also came out on top. Happy Monday for sure!!