Tuesday, October 06, 2009

killer cat

hello friends.  sorry for the couple-day hiatus there.  life seems to be happening at a faster pace than ever this fall, and so i need to find some ways to adjust my schedule to still do things i want/need to do for my own sanity (i.e., blog).  at least my spirits are up this week as the steelers rebounded from their two-week losing streak and found a way to win at home against the chargers on sunday night.

props need to be given to this guy, rashard mendenhall (#34), last year's #1 draft pick out of illinois, who was a force in the game.  with fast willie out with turf toe, mendy filled in nicely and ran with some real determination and will.  it also needs to be said that the offensive line was awesome in all aspects of the game (until the penalties at the end), opening up nice holes for mendy and giving ben all kinds of time to make reads and throws.  all in all, it was a good game with a dominant first half.  at some point after it was 28-0 in the third qtr., i began texting people how happy i was to finally have a blowout win, that my heart needed a win that didn't involve last minute shananigans, and so forth.  the steelers then proceeded to put my heart through the wringer by making it much closer than it ever should have been, making some key mistakes.  BUT, they end up winning 38-28, and my sunday night was much better than it has been, thank you very much.  now they're 2-2, and looking forward to playing larry foote and the lions on sunday. 

in other news, i had the worst headache that maybe i've ever had yesterday.  it started in the back of my neck and just worked up.  medicine didn't seem to help.  i just wanted to lay down and not breathe (breathing hurt).  thankfully, it is over this morning, though i just feel like i had whiplash or something. 

the apple store gave me a new ipod on saturday.  so, while i am sad about the fact that i lost a close friend, i now have a new one, and have already started getting to know her. 

i had a dream last night that a very mean cat was living in our house and only came out when all the lights were off.  when i would get out of bed to go to the bathroom or go check on my kids, the cat would attack my ankles with an other-worldly fury.  stupid cat.

speaking of animals, our dog max isn't doing so well.  he is in all sorts of pain right now, but we can't quite figure out why.  the doc told us yesterday that he's got some pretty advanced sculiosis (no idea how to spell it) which means that some of the vertebre in his back are beginning to fuse together, which is like an arthritic thing.  still, that doesn't really explain it to me, as it seems his pain is more centralized in his abdomen and man-parts area.  all i know for sure is that it breaks my heart to see him lying there one minute and then crying out in pain the next minute, for no apparent reason.  poor guy.

hope everyone has a great tuesday. 


Eric Park said...

Hi Greg.

After Sunday's game, I said on Facebook that I can only conclude that the Steelers are opposed to blowouts for moral reasons!

And, as one who has a heart that is wide open to the animal kingdom, I am really sorry to hear about Max.

Prayers for him and for you.

Mary said...

poor maxi-pad :(

MAX said...


greg. said...

eric, so true about the steelers. i actually wrote them a (tongue in cheek) letter that explained that large margins of victory are permitted within the NFL rules. i indicated that i wasn't convinced they realized this.

and thanks to all of you for your concerns about max. update: the vet gave him some steroids just to stregthen him as he fights whatever he's going thru, and these seem to have helped his pain significantly, at least for now. don't know if its long term or not. but at least he isn't constantly yelping and crying. he seems a bit more like himself.

RedBank Billy said...

Puddles, Scooter and Bailey hope Max feels better......