Thursday, October 15, 2009

child-joy (dance like you mean it)

my sister mary recently shared this video with me, and i just have to pass it on to you because it will make you smile and i'm feeling like the whole world just needs to complain less and smile more right now, so here you go.  just enjoy the complete uninhibited freedom child-joy.  and see if you can discover some of your own, too.  maybe you could turn on a song you like and dance like you mean it.  that would at least be a good start.   have a great thursday.


cathyq said...

I laughed until I got asthma! what a hoot. Thanks for the lift.

Crafty P said...

not only is that hilarious, but I just adore red-headed children (oh how I wish we could have red-heads). so that upped the cuteness factor to GAZILLION PERCENT! ha! that little boy was friggin' hilarious!