Thursday, September 17, 2009

throwback thursday: seminary

since i posted jack's 'back to school' pic this week, i figured that it would be great for today's throwback thursday to include one of my own.  this one isn't throwing back too far, but long enough, really.  it was 8 years ago, my first day of graduate school (read: seminary).  it was 2001.  september.  less than a week before 9/11.  i was as nervous as a pimply-faced high school freshman.  but it certainly was the beginning of a great journey for me.  this picture was taken in the first house shannon and i lived in, a small parsonage that the church affectionately termed "the cottage."  shannon made those curtains. 


NJ Grandma said...

Is that THE COTTAGE on Chestnut St.????? ~Gail~

cathyq said...

You look soooo young in that picture.Look what fatherhood can do to you, not to mention Seminary!

greg. said...

gail, sure is. lived there for several years!

mom, yeah. i'm getting old. blech.