Saturday, September 26, 2009

slotw: taming the jungle

behold the steelers logo of the week.  i tradition that i started last week, which i will also immediately stop if the steelers lose again this week to the (who dey?) bengals.  the bengals like to refer to paul brown stadium as "the jungle," since bengal tigers presumably live in the jungle, and because cincinnati fans with mullets enjoy rocking out to guns-n-roses.  i think the idea is that other teams are supposed to be frightened by coming into the jungle, but the steelers haven't lost there since 2001 (which is nearly a decade ago.  just sayin.).  let's go steelers!  tame the jungle kitties!


julie said...

Go Stillers n 'at!!!

Love you, big bro.

Mary said... i think this steeler logo tradition needs to go away...and fast.

greg. said...

finished. done. caput.
never. again.