Friday, September 11, 2009

other ways to win

so this is how its going to be, huh steelers?  this is what you're going to do to me?  you can win a superbowl and celebrate all year and then come back and win your first game of the next season, and that's great, but do you have to win this way?  really?  what ever happened to a solid, stellar, strong and decisive win?  ever heard of it?  it is legal, you know.  you don't have to be losing or tied in the 4th quarter.  you just don't.  some of us hope to live past the ripe old age of 54, but you are not making that likely.  your on-field antics are adding to big ben's legacy, to be sure, but they are also subtracting valuable years from my life! 
still, a win is a win.  and, even though you are yanking the years from me, i couldn't be happier that you started the season with a victory against a tough team who really wanted to beat us badly.  i only wish you didn't have to sacrifice troy's knee in the process.  i really - really - hope he's ok. 
and when we play the bears in 10 days, let's just try something different, for kicks and grins.  see what happens if you play the whole 60 minutes, and not just the last 5 minutes of each half (or overtime).  i'm just sayin.


Laurie said...

On the bright side, for those of us who dvr'd the game, there are really only about 6 minutes of the game we need to watch. That's a time saver!

Crafty P said...

so glad I stayed up, but geesh, I was a pillow-hugging nail-biter!