Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hey folks.  sorry i haven't said much this week.  as i said earlier, i was out of pocket most of the week, and then when i got back we had a major problem at the church involving pressure in the sewer line and a subsequent eruption in the basement, resulting in more than a few loud interjections.  so needless to say its been exciting. 

on a less crappy note, my friend justin and i are playing a couple of sets of music at a local community's art festival today.  you can see the link here.   in case you can't find us, we are called, "justin and greg."  should be fun just to get out and sing and play the guitar (and the djembe, mandolin, harmonica and penny whistle). 

here's one of the songs we'll be doing, just for your saturday morning enjoyment:

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Mrs. Milinovich said...

Greg, just wanted you to know that I used this in my classes yesterday. It was a great coincidence that we were going to be writing interjections for our journals that day anyway, so I played the video on my Promethean Board and the students loved it! Thanks for reminding me of those great SchoolHouse Rock videos.