Monday, September 14, 2009

first day of pre-k

yep, its that time again.  in what has become a bit of a tradition (and by 'has become' i mean that i am making it a tradition today), we take a picture on the first day of school.  someday we'll line 'em up and compare them, taking care to laugh especially hard at the awkward phases and so forth.  its a rite of passage, really.  when you are able to surrender your pride enough to laugh at your 7th grade mullet, you've made it. 

anyway, enjoy these pictures of our little student.  here's something to compare it to.  its remarkable, not to mention a bit frightening, how quickly the time escapes.  everyone has always told us that.  it's a pretty standard sentiment, really, "enjoy all the moments, they go so fast,"  and, "before you know it, they'll be in college."  yeah yeah.  i know.  i'll tell you what, you come over to my house and do some "enjoying it" while changing a diaper. 

but you know what?  they're right, really.  the time does go by so fast.  just looking at that picture of jack from last year, and seeing how he's changed in one year provides me with a healthy dose of reality.  life is happening right under my nose, right under my roof.  every single day.  and all those days keep adding up and soon they become a year.  and soon a year becomes a bunch of years.  and then you miss the time you had.  so, as i drive my little (sometimes reluctant) student to school, i will enjoy it.  i will cherish it.  i will even work at enjoying the stinky and awkward moments.  because someday i will miss them.


Crafty P said...

and he traveled in and out of days and over weeks and through a year.... or something along those lines.

such a cutie.

NJ Grandma said...

He has grown quite a bit in a year. And where was Cade going with his little backpack? Great pictures - I also was a picture taker the first day of school for both kids into HS and one year they said enough is enough Mom :)

Greg C said...

I agree with NJ Grandma - take 'em while you can 'coz soon they'll give you that 'no way, Jose' look!

Mary said...

he does look older! but still the cutest thing ever...and the little Cadester was so cute and eager too :o) i love them.