Thursday, September 03, 2009

esther 8

as we move into the final stages of this story, we reach resolution.  at least it seems that way in chapter 8.  when we get to chapter 9 tomorrow, that will be a whole 'nother thing.  but at least for today, we find esther petitioning the king one more time. she's been saved.  mordecai's been saved and honored as the king's new main man.  but this horribly violent edict is still hanging out there.  will all the jews be slaughtered?  she begs the king to revoke his irrevocable word.  and he obliges her by sending out a new edict, that says the jews are allowed to assemble and defend themselves.  mordecai puts on the royal signet ring and robes, presses the hot wax on the papyrus, and rides throughout susa and the surrounding areas with pride.  you can read the whole thing here.  for today, at least, it seems like a happy ending.
esther 8
paper collage on vinyl lp; paper collage on album cover
gregory a. milinovich

esther (eight)
what is the meaning of words?
can they be changed,
or at least rearranged?
can where be here or here be there?
can irrevocable be revoked?
can immutable be muted?
even in an upside world,
we hold onto something.
the law cannot be revoked,
but a new law can be made
with ring and robe,
with words and wax.
hang haman,
high, high, high,
on his own machine,
let his blood drip from the sky.
the jews will not be forced into fiery furnaces.
they can fight, fight, fight.
let them fight.
let them resist.
(what kind of story is this?)
the right hand man ring
belongs to the jew,
and to his people.
the world has turned upside down:
the condemned are no longer cursed.
the blessed are condemned.
the right hand man is hung,
the orphan's uncle is royally dressed.
ring the bells, bring out the wine,
repaint the walls,
order is restored.
is an upside down world
from an upside up world?

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