Sunday, September 06, 2009

the 40,000 winner is...

so, to those of you who stuck with me over the last 10 days through the book of esther, thanks!  i should give everyone a prize just for not deleting this blog from their list of favorites.  but alas, i don't have enough prizes.  i do, however, have this little guy:
to give away as a prize to one of the people who commented on this post.  the question was what you would want 40,000 of.  we got some good answers, but only one can be the winner (for the record, i would like 40,000 superbowl victories for the pittsburgh steelers).  i used a random number generator this morning to pick a number for a winner and it gave me number 5...which means megan is the winner.  congrats, megan!  you get 40,000 hours of paid vacation for your husband so he can do home improvements all day while you sit around drinking iced tea and eating bon-bons.  actually, no.  i can't give you that.  but i can give you a little collage i made called "sunburst."  if you like it, great.  if not, too bad.  i expect to see it on your wall.  only kidding.  sort of. 

anyway, megan is an old friend and has her own great blog which you can check out here.  you should read this particular post if you happen to be feeling bad about yourself.  funny stuff. 

well, have a great labor day weekend, and i'll catch you on the flipside.  peace.

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Megan said...

Wooohoo I won! Thanks for all the vacation days! Oh wait, I don't get my wish? Can't wait to get my new artwork -thanks :) And also thanks for highlighting one of my finest moments!