Thursday, August 13, 2009


a recent picture of me for a pictoral directory of pastors in our conference. doesn't this look like a picture from a yearbook? except i look like i'm 35. like i failed 10th grade 19 times or something, and i'm finally graduating. yay me! i finally made it - most likely to wear a suit with my fauxhawk and receding hairline!
sigh. self-deprecating humor is so satisfying.
and what is that background? is it supposed to look like the picture was taken on the moon, with the pacific ocean in the background?
in other news, the steelers play their first preseason game tonight, televised on espn at 8, if you're interested. it will be boring for many, but i'll be lovin' it!
now reading: "enough" by adam hamilton
now playing: "welcome to the welcome wagon" by the welcome wagon.
have a great thursday!


Crafty P said...

funny. LOL
I do like the tie!

forgot all about the steelers playing tonight. kidding. everyone on fb is talking about the game.

did you see the picture circulating from the 2006 team with the guns blazing. caught that on tmz last night. yeah, i watch it from time to time.

Happy said...

you are too much, greg.

will be watching the steeler game tonight. or else not watching anything because i know the hubby will have it on!

here we go steelers! hard to believe it's time already, but feels good to be nearing steeler season!