Monday, August 10, 2009

sonic boom

the back page of the new york daily news today pretty much sums up this monday morning for me. while i am pretty beat from a weekend of camping that ended up somewhere in the dictionary between monsoon and noah: see flood, i am riding on some strong adrenaline this morning, after a strong sweeping statement by the yankees in these last four games against the red-faced red sox.

i followed the other games on my blackberry, pitch by pitch from, but i was home in time to watch espn's coverage of last night's game. i almost turned off the tv and closed my eyes after the red sox finally scored a run and took the lead, but something in my decided to try and stay up to watch the end of the game. boy, am i glad i did! back to back jacks by damon and tex, and the yanks swept the sox out of the stadium to go and nurse their wounds.

this is a glorious time of year, as you know. baseball season is really heating up in terms of intensity as we arc towards the postseason, and last night was the first preseason football game, too. so we are in the holy land of sports for me right now.

at least i have that to think about as i set up the entire campsite in my front yard to try and get it to dry out.

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