Saturday, August 15, 2009

saturday song: seasons of love

shannon and i went to see a production of 'rent' last night. having picked up on some cultural detritis about the show, i had some expectations which turned out to be totally wrong. the story was full of brokenness and pain, to be sure, but it was also incredibly redemptive. i was quite moved by it. one of the best pieces from the show was the song "seasons of love" which i have included here from the movie version of 'rent.' enjoy it, and may your life be measured out in love.

have a great saturday.


cathyq said...

One of my favorite songs! I always felt that my mom measured her life in love; I hope I can do the same and find myself to be a rich as she was! Never seen the movie or play. Would you recommend it?

greg. said...

mom, i never really heard that song before, but it was really powerful. the show itself is definately interesting and certainly isn't to everyone's tastes. but i think, like i said, that it's an incredibly redemptive story. some might be offended by some of it, but i am not one of those. so, i recommend it, but with those caveats.