Wednesday, August 05, 2009

latrobe, pa - august 2009

big ben: can he focus on football?

are you ready for some football? if not, you'd better start getting ready. that's what the steelers have been doing since saturday, when training camp opened in latrobe, pennsylvania.

"oh no. not again. not steelers talk already," i hear you saying.

yep. if you don't like it, go read a blog about making muffins or something. here you will get a well-balanced diet of my ruminations on faith and family, art and music, and (unapologetically) the pittsburgh steelers (aka the greatest franchise in all of sports).

so, as i was saying, its football time in latrobe, which means that several thousand fans head to over to st. vincent college to watch the guys in white and yellow shirts stretch and run drills and catch balls thrown by machines. it's not that it's all that exciting, but it's just that we've had to wait 6 months since we saw santonio hoisting the lombardi trophy on the platform, and we've had to rely on nfl network reruns day after day after day. steeler nation needs a fix. and here it is. i heard there were 10,000 fans there on sunday. steelernation = best fans in all of sports.

a few issues this year at training camp...

-how does ben (and the team) respond to the off the field distraction/civil suit involving his accusation of sexual assault?

-why does ben look like he's gained 40 lbs. and hasn't shaved in a week?

-who will take over nate washington's #3 wide reciever slot? the free agent vet, the golden hope with the butter hands, or the rookie?

-will the steelers be able to put together an offensive line stronger than a wet piece of paper?

-will rashard mendenhall really be what we had hoped? will fast willie be fast willie again?

-who will run the ball at goal line situations?

-who will return kickoffs/punts?

-will i be able to get anything done besides following training camp coverage?

-will my blog lose all its readers again this year (like last) when i start blogging about the steelers all the time? do i really care?

-these are the burning questions on my mind as we move through the next few weeks preparing for football season.

mendenhall: is it his year to shine?

limas: can he slow down the game?

if you want to follow the steelers more closely through camp, bookmark these sites:
that's just a few of many, but a good place to start. happy reading.


Erin said...

i, for one, totally love your steelers blog entries!!

Mary said...

as do moi

cathyq said...

bring it on. we are always happy to read/think about the black and gold. we hope to get to see them on August 20th with you!

greg. said...'re all too kind. i'm glad some of you like the steelers posts. i figure that, at the very least, it ought to give some readers the chance to shake their head in disbelief of my fanaticism.

so, have no fear: viva la steelers posts!

Happy said...

I think your Steeler posts are awesome as well.

For one, Derek has been watching NFL Network so much that I threatened to call the cable company recently and have it removed from our listing! I can only take so much of the repeats.

It's not like we don't know how the games end....

Second, Derek started a new job in Greensburgh which is very close to Latrobe so guess who will probably take "an extended lunch break" to St. Vincent's college soon? He's already mentioned it.

Thirdly, this post cracked me up in parts! The "Do I really care?" line was the line that got the heartiest chuckle.

Happy Pre-season to you, Greg!