Sunday, August 30, 2009

esther 4

the fourth chapter of esther brings a couple of the most famous moments of the book.  basically, mordecai mourns this edict that the king has sent, and he gets to word to esther about it.  afraid for her life, she basically says, "what am i supposed to do about it?"  and mordecai tells her that perhaps she has risen to favor with the king, "for such a time as this."  she takes mordecai's words to heart, and agrees to petition the king, saying, "if i perish, i perish."  you can read it here

esther 4
paper collage on vinyl lp; paper collage on album cover
gregory a. milinovich

esther (four)
ashes and tears. 
gnashing of teeth.
we are all going to die.
mordecai mourns.
where is our hope?
where is our promise?
where is our future?
mordecai mourns.
"only my niece can save us.
esther!  save us now,
at such a time as this."
remembering the queen before her,
remembering the price of saying no,
esther says no.  to her uncle.
no, i cannot go to the king.
no, i cannot stop this thing.
no. No. NO!
still mordecai mourns.
still he weeps jewish tears of fire and death.
why the death and destruction?
why the furnace and the fires?
he begs and pleads and asks and cries.
please.  Please.  PLEASE!
maybe you can do something, esther. 
maybe you can make a difference.
maybe the world has been waiting for you. 
maybe you have been put here for such a time as this.
maybe there is a reason that the king threw out the queen.
maybe there is a reason that the king fancied you.
maybe there is a reason for rain and rest.
maybe upside up is really upside down.
maybe random is not so random.
i will chisel off the paint in chunks of honesty.
i will dig deep through the pain in a flash of bravery.
i will go to his high, high, highness.
i will make a difference, maybe.
i will say yes to such a time as this.
the world cannot wait.

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