Saturday, August 29, 2009

esther 3

the third chapter of esther brings us more fully into the conflict of the story. the king has exalted his servant haman to a high place in the king's court, and made everyone at the gate bow to him. but mordecai, the jew (esther's uncle), won't bow to him. haman then convinces the king to send out an edict to all the nobles of the kingdom that on a certain day in the 12th month, all the jews should be killed, and their possessions looted. so, this isn't looking good for esther and mordecai and all the jews in exile in this kingdom. tune in tomorrow to see what happens next. read esther 3 here.

"esther (three)
paper collage on vinyl lp; paper collage on album cover
gregory a. milinovich
esther (three)
where there is power there is pain.
everyone wants what he's got.
everything seems fine, but everything's not.
all seems to be in order, upside up.
but there is growing green.
every king has a haman, right hand man.
fountain of good ideas.
"whatever you say, haman.
i am going to visit my harem."
in the dark, haman whispers like a snake,
"i can be king. i am smarter, greater, wiser.
everyone bows to me already.
except that jew, mordecai.
cursed be his name.
his people have caused my people grief for generations.
he is a nobody. yet he defies me."
growing green, the world keeps turning upside down.
haman slithers to the king's side.
with forked tongue he worms words into the king's round ears.
great, great, great are you, o king.
all people bow to you, except the jews.
all people honor you, except the jews.
all people respect you, except the jews.
all people should live, except the jews.
make a law that cannot be reversed.
turn the world upside up.
make it right.
have these people killed.
have them all killed.
the snake's song seduces the soft king.
i will have all the jews killed.
i am king, after all.
strong, strong, strong am i.
yes, haman, kill those jews when you wish,
i want to get to my harem, and my drinking.
everybody is laughing.
the world is upside up.
(what kind of story is this?)

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