Friday, August 28, 2009

esther 2

esther chapter two tells us about the inner workings of a harem. that's right. a bunch of young women the king had on call relations. in this chapter we meet esther, a jew who is hiding her nationality, and who is obviously a very beautiful young woman. all who see her are taken with her beauty, including the king, who after his royal night with her decides to make her the queen. there is also another part of the story unfolding, involving her uncle and caregiver mordecai, who keeps a close watch on her and overhears some guards planning an assassination plot on the king. he tells esther, who tells the king, and the plot is uncovered. stay tuned for more exciting action tomorrow. read chapter two here.

"esther 2"
paper collage on vinyl album, paper collage with poem on album cover
gregory a. milinovich
esther (two)
his high, high, highness is lonely. needs a woman (women)
to help him fly.
flexing his majestic muscles, his mouth makes more laws.
"all the young (beautiful) women of my country
come to me. you are mine.
(what kind of story is this? everyone is laughing.
or everyone is dying some kind of death).
there she is, the young jewess, the orphaned beauty,
queen of her uncle's heart. she is esther.
and she is headed to the king's castle, the lion's lair.
tears, tears, tears.
she is lonely, without her uncle, in this strange place.
the world will not wait for her.
she is trying on clothes, styling, dressing, making up, pretending.
she is painted in color.
loneliness covered in lace and paint, without blemish.
she is sighing and crying,
but she is here now.
and it is her turn.
esther! come to me.
there is noise and sweat and fear.
there is hurt and pain and more questions than answers.
who is this king?
who am i?
has my world turned upside down?
i am only a young jewess, sleeping with the king.
i am only a young lamb, lying with the lions.
shall i take off this mask, or play this game?
shall i peel off the paint, wash it off with these tears?
have i risen to this point only to feel so afraid
at such a time as this?

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Happy said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on Esther 1 but I will be reading faithfully as the story unfolds. I start a study on Ester on Sept. 9 at church and I'm excited to learn a little exposition here!