Wednesday, August 12, 2009

camping at knoebel's, 2009

this last weekend we went camping, which you may remember i was recently preparing for. each year we head out to elysburg, pa to camp for a few nights and spend some time over at knoebel's amusement park, which is a great family friendly park. sounds great, right?

and it is great. except for the fact that there are 7 kids under the age of 7 that we are camping with. and that camping involves sleeping in a vinyl room. and that jack didn't really want to ride anything. oh, and the rain.

the last night we were there it rained like noah, and while our tent stayed relatively dry, the ground surrounding our tent could only be seen through a couple inches of water. caedmon is demonstrating this in the picture below.

fortunately this was on our last morning, so it didn't really affect knoebel's time, but it DID meaan that we had to tear down everything in the rain and puddles, and then come home and set it back up again so that it could dry out and then tear it all back down again so that it didn't get wet again. tired, yet? i was. camping is awesome!

but i'm being a bit dramatic (i know, the shock of it). the truth is that it really is fun to be with so much of shannon's family and especially for our kids to get so much play time with their cousins. plus, as i wrote last year, i love the food at knoebels, so that's all good.

this is all the cousins lined up on the picnic table. tough to get a decent picture of them all

cade at the waterpark part of knoebels.

jack and his cousin on one of the rides jack would actually ride.

"would you like a spot of tea?"

me and my boy.
shannon and cade.
jackson being eaten by a frog.

total cuteness.
when he's bad, he's bad. but when he's cute, holy cow, watch out.

you can't really see it when the picture is shrunk this much, but jack looks like he is convinced that this ride descends straight into the pits of eternal hell. he thought he wanted to ride this until we got on. then he started sobbing and begging me not to. i did not relent, and we rode it. this picture is long-lasting evidence that only one of us enjoyed it. oh well...

we had a creek behind our campsite, which meant hours of entertainment for the kids.

these are only a few of the pictures. if i work up enough courage, i might post the video of the world's greatest mullet, but i'm scared he might see it and use his super-mullet powers on me. we'll see.
in any case, its good to be back in a house with walls. and a roof.


NJ Grandma said...

Looked like you all had a great time - rain and all. Treasure these vacations while they are small - it doesn't last. ~Gail~

cathyq said...

Love the pictures. You DO have the cutest kids ever!!!! And I miss them everyday!!!!!!!!

xinxin said...

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