Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday song: laughing with

i have liked regina spektor ever since i began to discover her last year. she is a bit on the eccentric side, as far as her music goes, and some people really can't stand to listen to her, but i really quite enjoy her creativity, and playfulness, as well as her ability to be poignant. the latter is the case with the song i want to share with you today. i found this over at eric park's blog, and you can read his excellent analysis of this song, as well as his own meditation on it for his life here. that link also includes the lyrics of the song, which are worth checking out if you have trouble understanding her in spots. give it a listen.

i'm curious what you think about this song. what do you think she's trying to say here? is this a song of hopelessness or hope? i challenge you to take a moment and reflect on this little piece of art regina spektor has created. and let us know what you think...

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Earl said...

Thanks for the post and the links. This is something that will be useful with my little youth group.

In my opinion, this fine little piece of reflection is not hope or hopelessness but reality. For Scripture tell us that there are no gods. And the fool says there is no God. But once the light fades to black everyman finds standing before the face of God is no laughing matter. The neat thing is, in Christ we can all laugh with God.