Wednesday, July 29, 2009

happy rain day!

in waynesburg, pa, the town where i was born and in which i lived until i was 12, they have a unique holiday. each july 29th they celebrate what is called 'rain day,' because it is said to rain on that day in waynesburg almost every year (110 of the last 134 years). basically, it is an excuse to shut down the town for a day and have a big celebration, complete with carnival rides, games, food, and entertainment (kind of silly to do all of this on a day that its supposed to rain, i know. that's how they roll in the keystone state, baby).

each year they bet someone a hat that it will rain in waynesburg on july 29th. they've had bets with many local celebrities, such as troy polamalu, myron cope, mr. rogers, franco harris and mario lemieux, as well as bigger names like will ferrell and jay leno, among others.

a quick look at the shows that they will be getting rain again today. so, congrats waynesburg. have a happy rain day!


Crafty P said...

oh I love that! you know how I love these "special days" and how I do love a party!

It's raining here! Hope it's raining there as well!

julie said...

i used to LOVE rain day!!! thanks for reminding me about it.

i have to say that i'm a little bit weird because when i woke up today and saw that it was raining, it made me happy. i like rainy days every now and then. something peaceful about it.

Happy said...

Yep, this part of the Keystone State is getting rain...

I love how so many of the famous people are's like you're partial or something!

Fun day!

Mary said...

it rained cats and dogs today!

doesn't rain day sound like a celebration that would take place in Stars Hollow?

cathyq said...

I have always loved this holiday. It's like making lemonade with lemons; you might as well make the most of a bad thing right? I think that this holiday gives us all a lesson in making the most out of a bad thing. Go Waynesburg (or Rainsburg if you are talking about it on July 29th)!