Thursday, July 16, 2009

from blah to canteloupe

while home without kids earlier this week, i took advantage of the empty house and painted the master bathroom (which may be the world's smallest full bathroom - the sink is the size of a camping sink!). it is hard to tell in this picture, but the color was kind of a drab pale yellow. i believe it was called blah. shannon chose to replace "blah" with "canteloupe slice." if you know me, you know that i had no complaints about this.

here it is after the first coat, with the tape still on.

and here is the finished product. it isn't as orange as it looks up by the lights. you'll get a better idea if you look at the color of it immediately above the sink.

we all need repainted from time to time, huh? at least i do. old ideas grow stale and worn out, bitter like old paint, raising on the edges and flaky. my growth as a person, as a husband and father, as a Christian and as an artist and so forth requires that from time to time i get a bit of an overhaul. its not particularly comfortable as i would much rather just keep the familiar, but God keeps saying things like "new thing," and "behold, i am making all things new." really, God? really? do you have to say behold? and can't we keep this color for awhile? i was just getting used to it. i know its a bit, well, blah, but still. i've grown quite fond of it. but whether i'm up for it or not, it becomes painfully obvious that a fresh coat of a new color is necessary. and so i grow.
o maker of every color (and the ones we have yet to imagine):
repaint the bathroom of my heart. make me new again. forgive me for ruts and religious routines. color me fresh and alive. i want to reflect the whole prism of your light.

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Emoly said...

I often find myself needing to go from "blah" to "wow"! I love the new color. and drab or blah is an excellent way to describe the old color.

This makes me wonder why Bill and I have been so lazy in painting our "new" house. Our house in Jersey was described as a "jewel box" with all our multi-colors. I mean, it's just paint. It can always be painted over. Why are we afraid of being bold?

You may have inspired me, greg, to finally go pick up that paint brush and make my life a little more "wow"! Thanks!!!