Thursday, July 30, 2009

date to save

for some utter strangeness from the christian ghetto, check out
what do you think, is this a good dating strategy for christians?
ps. when i use the term "christian ghetto" i am not referring to the rough streets of south barrington, illinois. i am referring to the sub-culture of evangelical christianity that one encounters in christian bookstores where you can purchase christian t-shirts, christian music, christian candles, christian bookends, christian gum, and christian gossip magazines. it is the place where christians have ignored the call to be in the world: it is, rather, the evangelical attempt to create a separate world.


Erin said...

done it, don't recommend it

Mindy said...

Haha, our Southern Seminary internet blocked that site. I suppose we now know their opinion on the matter.

Mary said...

i can't even believe this is for real. did you read the tips? i thought the question and answer section was very interesting as well. all i can think while reading this is that girl is a piece of work! i especially loved how in the Q&A she said that she has yet to bring someone to Jesus...but she'll just keep trying hotter guys :) okey dokey.... any excuse to date hot guys...why not :)