Wednesday, July 22, 2009


anyone looking for a christmas-in-july present for yours truly might consider this little publication. just a thought. no. no one? sigh.


cathyq said...

How do you find these things?

greg. said...

well, actually, this was edited by (and several parts of it written by) a guy i met on "behind the steel curtain," probably the best steelers website out there. he runs that site, and we have had separate conversations on facebook and twitter and stuff. he's good people, as they say. he also REALLY knows his steelers stuff. so when i heard he was working on a project, i had been waiting to find out what it was, and then it just finally came out.

but the bottom line is that i spend a great deal of time on steelers fansites. what can i say? i love me some black and gold.