Monday, June 01, 2009

weigh-in day

happy monday, friends. its been a great weekend for me, enjoying annual conference, celebrating pentecost, and attending (and leading) a retirement dinner for my senior pastor.
*big sigh of relief*
today is also a special day. for the past several months i've been participating in a little competition called "milinovich biggest loser," in which i have been competing against my mom and my two sisters to see who could lose the most weight. while i haven't been as intense about it as some of the other competitors, i have worked at it. and today is weigh-in day. i have already conceded victory to others, but i am very satisfied with my own progress: i have lost 20 pounds.
actually, what makes me most satisfied is that i lost that weight earlier in the competition, and then, over the last 6 weeks i have not been so intense about it. and yet i really didn't gain any weight. this shows me that i made some real sustainable change in my life. i have made some small changes that have made a difference, and this in turn has made me a healthier individual. i hope to lose some more weight once i make it across this plateau, but for today i am proud of my accomplishments so far.


Erin said...

i'd be interested to hear what the small changes were... i'm always looking for ways to help the hubby trim down...

greg. said...

erin, nothing major. i started eating smaller portions most of the time. i started eating more vegetables. i heavily cut down on my post-dinner eating. and i exercised a little- and i stress little. but i am really happy with all of this because my mentality is that i want this to be a marathon, not a sprint. i know i could have committed to more exercise and more intense diet restrictions for a short time, but i want to make long lasting change.

Crafty P said...

that is awesome! way to go!