Saturday, June 13, 2009

we are the champions

congrats to sid the kid and all the penguins for winning the stanley cup last night with their game 7 victory over the red wings. i'm not a huge hockey fan, but i enjoy following the playoffs when the penguins are in it. they were a really fun team to watch this year, and i'm happy for them, and for all of pittsburgh, who after the steelers superbowl victory and now this, is once again the city of champions (cue queen song here). now if only the pirates would take notes and follow suit. that would be awesome. but since that isn't likely, i'll take another steelers superbowl in lieu of it.


Crafty P said...

gosh those pirates need some serious help. seriously.

YEAH PENS! What an exciting game. Too bad it was on a crapola network that gave NO CREDIT to the amazing talent on the Pgh team! grrr.

cathyq said...

Pittsburgh DOES rock. We love our winning sports teams. I hated the booing from the Detroit crowd during the presentation of the cup though. Poor sports! Go Bucs!

Cindy said...

YEAH PENS! I know the steel city is in need of a baseball team that cares but I am really excited for the other sports. Last night I watched the Lakers win the NBA finals and then ESPN spent an hour or more on the follow up. When the Pens won the Stanley Cup they dedicated a whole 10 minutes to the Penguins. Nothing like equal air time!