Tuesday, June 16, 2009

victory parades

you know it is a good year to be a fan of sports in pittsburgh, when an article in today's post gazette starts off by saying, "do we know how to do a victory parade or what?"


the article goes on to point out that we've had 11 victory parades in the last 45 years. cleveland, just down the road from pittsburgh, has had exactly none in that time. none. this isn't to harass cleveland and make them feel bad at all, but to indicate just how fortunate i am as a pittsburgh fan. i have written about it before, a kind of embarassment of riches. still, while i feel bad for cleveland fans (and also admire them for sticking with their teams regardless), i am so happy to be a pittsburgh fan.

city of champions!

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Happy said...

I know I've said this before and it's kind of like beating a dead horse into the ground, but as I watched news coverage of the Pens parade I couldn't help but remember when me and my first born watched the Steeler's victory parade in 06.

As long as Pittsburgh keeps churning out these victory parades and championship teams I'll be clinging to that tender memory of mine.

Now, about those Pirates??