Friday, June 26, 2009

ten years

it has hard for me to believe that these pictures were taken 10 years ago today, on the hottest day in recorded history. ten years ago?!?
wow. but its been a great ten years, full of just about every kind of up and down that can fit into ten years. but standing at this point in the journey, looking back, i know still what i knew on that fiery day in 1999: that i am one lucky guy. thank you, my love, for these 10 years; for putting up with me; for loving me with all your amazing self; and for the wonderful prospect of many years yet to journey through.


Crafty P said...

oh yeah! happy anniversary! I don't remember it being that hot... but you were wearing a tux, so you would've noticed a bit more, huh.

Have a lovely celebration!

Emoly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

wait, today? The 26th? That's why I always confuse Shannon's birthday with our anniversary! Because we got married on the 26th of August... and here I thought I was just losing it!

Here's to another ten, and another ten after that, and another ten after that, and another...

Paula said...

I remember this day like it was yesterday, and HOT it was! It was the 1st day I got to shower after spending four days and nights with a bunch of teenagers that I volunteered to look after while Greg and Shannon got married. What was I thinking???? Really... I was thinking how honored I was to be a witness to two wonderful friends uniting their love. Happy Anniversary and many more.