Thursday, June 25, 2009

father's day favorites

one of my father's day gifts was an interview that shannon did with jack about my favorite things. she thought it would be fun to capture his 4-year old's version of what i love in life, and it turns out she was absolutely right. check it out.

my daddy's favorites
by jackson, age 4

favorite sport - steelers (he got this one right! it's hard for him to forget that one!)
favorite game - don't break the ice (ummm...not so much)
favorite song - twinkle twinkle little star (maybe if coldplay sang it)
favorite book - the cat in the hat (he knows i love reading him dr. seuss books)
favorite restaurant - mcdonalds (absolutely not)
favorite movie - alvin and the chipmunks (never seen it, but i guarantee it would not be my fave)
favorite tv show - lord of the rings, but he doesn't like randolph (okay, first of all, he normally calls it 'lord of the beans,' and last night he told me that the two main characters are grandolph and dodo, so he hasn't totally grasped this yet. but he's right that lord of the rings is a favorite of mine. he's wrong, however, about any disdain for 'randolph.' i love me some pipe-smoking wizards. [which reminds me of another post i've been thinking about: gandolph vs. dumbledore in a cage match...who wins?])
favorite food - oranges (he's getting color and food mixed up.)
favorite friend - tyler (tyler, if you even read my blog, i'll bet you're surprised! i was!)
favorite animal - cheetah (this is because i tell him that i love him faster than a cheetah runs)
favorite toy - dinosaurs and legos (i'm a lego maniac)
favorite drink - orange drink from mcdonalds (this is the worst one of all. i HATE orange drink from mcdonalds. shannon loves it. i think it is disgusting.)
favorite cereal - trix (nah. trix are for kids. i prefer cinnamon toast crunch or apple jacks or peanut butter captain crunch)

so, basically, my son has no idea who i am. great. i've got some work to do so that next year for father's day i don't open up gift certificates to mcdonald's in an alvin and the chipmunks musical card.


Crafty P said...

that is hysterical.

hmmm... methinks, gandolph would win. he's just classic like that. floats like a butterfly stings like a bee (ooo, am I allowed to mention bees on this blog?)

Emoly said...

I laughed for five minutes before I could actually comment.... that is way cute. I don't know that I could answer those questions about my dad, and certainly not at 5 years old. He did pretty darn good!

As big of a Harry Potter fan that I am, I still think I would choose Gandolph...

greg. said...

for those who doubt my love of "randolph," check out this link from when i was hoping new line cinema would sign iam mclellan for 'the hobbit.'

Anonymous said...

Oh Greg,

This is tyler, the one Jackson referred to when naming your favorite friend. And I just want to tell you that it is okay. You don't have to hide what's in your heart. If you want me to be a bigger part of your life then all you had to do was ask. You didn't have to make your son into a messenger of your truest feelings and desires.

'Sometimes it only takes a spark to get a fire going' - Genesis 3:16

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