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rest in peace, sweet spectacles

what do you see in this picture? there's not much, really. my eyes, my glasses, a bit of my eyebrows and my skin. but do you know what i see?

i see the best glasses ever. i absolutely love my glasses. i wanted to get glasses like these when i was in high school, but my parents thought they were a bit too unusual or something at the time, and wouldn't pay for them. i loved these kind of frames because they reminded me of the kind of frames that my grandfather wore way back in the day (i had only seen in pictures). so when i got out on my own after collage and it came time for some new frames, i bought them. that was about 8 years ago.

for 8 awesome years these glasses have been a permanent fixture on my face. my kids don't recognize me without them. neither do i. they have been the most durable pair of glasses i could have ever imagined. until yesterday. yesterday they snapped. i got out of the shower yesterday afternoon after working out, and i went to put them on and they just fell into two pieces. i had to go to a meeting last night, so i got some black electrical tape and did some emergency surgery, turning myself into the classic geek with tape holding his glasses together.

and that's where i am. i know i have to go get new glasses, but i'm very sad. i feel like i'm losing a part of my face; a part of my self. whatever i get is going to take some getting used to.

so, i'm in mourning today. for a fractured face, a me that can no longer be. rest in peace, my favorite glasses of all time. you served me incredibly well. i saw so much with you. thanks for hanging in there so long, and for showing me the world. rest in sweet peace.


Mrs. Milinovich said…
They're just glasses ! Buy another pair. You will still be you no matter what and we know you won't be buying a pair that is run of the mill, so we look forward to the next avant garde pair. By the way, "working out"? What's up with that?
Happy said…
I can relate. I've been wearing glasses only since I was a kid and I had a pair very similar to yours pre-kids (I thought they were very trendy...and they were). I don't think mine bit the dust like yours, but I just got discontent with them and opted for new frames. But many say my glasses define me and when I briefly tried contacts somehow they made me different.

I know something like glasses can't really define a person, so to speak, but I am not "me" without mine...

Good luck finding a new pair. There are so many options I'm sure you will do well.

ps. must be the flat iron. Mine is one of those wide ones because my hair is so thick so I wouldn't be able to curl my bangs under with it...I might have to try a sleeker version of the flat iron! Good tip...I imagine it would probably work well on mine too once they get just a tad longer (they're currently "side swept.."
Mary said…
aww. sad. i understand. but i often find that once you let go of something like love and adore the new thing as well. (with some growing pains of course) I can already picture a really cool 3d collage made with your glasses. Frame the frames!

thinking of you....

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