Wednesday, May 13, 2009

nothing to say

my dear friends, i find myself in the strange position of not really having anything to say. this is unusual for me, and i'm not sure if it is induced by busyness or what, but i find myself staring at my blog with nothing to say. so rather than force something, i'll wait until it comes. i just wanted you to know that i'm still alive and okay. just waiting for some inspiration at this point. maybe the new glasses that i'll be getting this morning will do the trick!

looking forward to seeing the world anew,



Rebecca said...

I am so looking forward to hearing/seeing about the new glasses!!!


Greg C. said...

I was beginning to wonder!!!

Emoly said...

hey greg, I just got your message! We are doing okay... the economy is taking its toll on our jobs... we will persevere. what else can we do?

I did know about jars of clay new album. did you get it? I haven't got it yet. but they've been playing "two hands" on the radio. dcb* should be putting out their new album anytime now too...?

thanks for the post! I've been in the blog world of Quota, so I've not done well at keeping up with your blog, or my own! I'm looking forward to keeping up with them again!

Crafty P said...

you ALWAYS have something to say, maybe just not enough time.

so we miss you in the blogosphere. how's about one of those stream of consciousness posts like my randomosities? reflect on the new, the weather. share an old post. read a book and tell us what you read- okay a page of a book.

talk about the rock tumbler or what your amazing and creative wife is up to these days.

you have lots to say.

i'm sure jack or cade could fill your mind with blog fodder.