Monday, May 18, 2009

in celebration of canada

happy victoria day. or two-four day, as it is more commonly known in the towns and cities of canada. for canadians, today marks the beginning of the summer season. i didn't even realize they had summer in canada, or that it lasted longer than a week. in fact, in some strange twist, summer seems to unofficially last longer in canada than in new jersey.

lucky canadians. we have to wait a week until next monday. i say we start celebrating both two-four day and memorial day. just a suggestion.

right now i'm listening to steve earle's the "revolution starts now." i really don't like the way he wears his politics on his sleeve and such, but man i love his twang. i could seriously listen to him sing the random wikipedia articles.

speaking of the online collaborative encyclopedia, a fun daily activity is to go over to wikipedia and click on "random article" on the left side of the page. then you can truly learn something new everyday. like today i learned that the water newton treasure is a bunch of roman silverware found in england in 1975. see? absolutely fascinating. who knew?

another fun activity is going to and checking out their daily mp3 deal. seriously, i've dowloaded some great music for 2 bucks. seriously. $1.99 for a whole album. take that, itunes.

for even more fun, consider that john gruden, former nfl coach, will be the new face/voice at monday night football along with tirico and jaworski, replacing tony kornheiser. the man known as chucky will now be dispensing football knowledge to us each monday night during the fall. wonderful.

but for the most fun of all, and to be somewhat united with your neighbors from the north on this their special holiday, watch a hockey game. start tonight. watch the penguins of the steel city bring down the game 1 hammer on the carolina hurricanes. oh, and could somebody text me score updates? please? i'll be in a meeting, nowhere near a television. thanks. i'd appreciate it.


ps. can the yankees get their fourth straight walk-off win tonight? i'd be satisfied with just a win, which would make 6 in a row. let's go yanks!


Rebecca said...

You covered a plethora of topics, Greg, but one topic you failed to mention is your new spectacles!

Did you get them? Do you like them?

While I'm not an avid hockey fan, I do that fair weather stuff and I start watching now when we're in the play-offs...I know, bad. But it's just not football or the Steelers.

So, if the Pens win tonight I declare you should do a celebratory post in which you reveal the new eyewear.

Even though there really is no correlation between the two. And I certainly can't dictate what you blog and when...

Just a suggestion for the suggestion box! What, you don't have a suggestion box???

Crafty P said...

no way. I can't believe Rebecca (Happy as I call her) got here first!

GO PENS! They wiped the Canes up tonight!

see, you got your creative juices flowing.

how's about a picture of you playing in your gig this weekend wearing your new spectacles!

great idea, Crafty!

greg. said...

okay people, just relax. glasses pictures are forthcoming. i haven't even taken any pics of myself yet. i'm usually the picture taker.