Monday, May 04, 2009

family photos

just thought i'd share some pics of the boys and us. we took these after church this sunday.


Rebecca said...

Okay, I love the ties on your boys!! So cute!

And a message from Mrs. Greg aka Shannon?

Love the bangs...I am trying to pull off side bangs right now and I thought I was doing an okay job, then I saw hers. They lay so perfectly!

ps. I fully expect you to relay this comment including the part about how they lay so perfectly.

And maybe you could ask her what product she's using on that hair?

Mary said...

soooo cute! must. frame.

shannon_milinovich said...

thanks for the complement on my bangs:) i actually use very little product - just mousse and a little hairspray - and I am not faithful to one brand. right now it is dove. i use a flat iron to curl them under - have you tried that?
Mrs. Greg, aka Shannon

NJ Grandma said...

What great pictures - you have two sweet little boys.

Tell Shannon Happy Mother's Day for us. ~Gail~

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Great pictures. I agree with Mary; these are definitely frame worthy! There is just something about guys in ties. So cute!!!!