Thursday, May 28, 2009

annual conference 2009

yes, it is that time again. annual conference. you'll remember that last year i blogged quite a bit about my experience at annual conference, as it was a milestone conference for me, being the moment of my ordination and all. this year feels a bit different. i finally have a name tag that is just plain white. no stickers. no colors. no special initials or reminders of hoops yet to jump through. a plain white nametag.

believe it or not, this white nametag has changed conference for me a bit. i feel like a certain edge is gone. i am more comfortable here - more willing to just be me and not worryabout it. it feels nice.

but by far the best part of annual conference is the way it feels very much like a reunion. there are many pastors and laypeople here that i only see once each year, and so it is fun to see them and to catch up. yeah, we'll spend a great deal of time in the plenary session, conferencing and debating. but we'll spend other time around dinner tables and outside the meeting rooms, living out our connectionalism.

so, hello from annual conference. i'll be tweeting my experiences here. come check it out.


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